"Ever take ballet class where grand battemants spring into a Broadway show routine?

Imagine breaking out into a mambo in the middle of a frappe exercise ! “

..."a refreshing alternative to traditional dance instructional videos." RECOMMENDED. Video Librarian

"The inclusion of familiar music adds a dash of fun and informality to this innovative instructional." Booklist Online 

“Serious ballet technique in disguise.”

DONNA CERIO’S Ballet Technique with a Broadway Flare™ is an innovative approach for teaching classical ballet technique using ORIGINAL BROADWAY SOUND TRACKS AND CHOREOGRAPHY. Developed as a way to teach strong ballet technique for students taking her private Broadway dance classes, Donna draws upon years of professional teaching, choreography and performance experience to create this fun and accessible way for everyone to learn and enjoy the benefits of ballet technique.

“All you need is a chair and a little space in your living room and you’ll be ready for one of the best dance classes of your life.”

         ​Price - $30.00